Field Trip

Larderello geothermal power plant visit
                                                                                1st of December

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(Le Biancane, Monterotondo Marittimo)



(Vapori di Birra Restaurant)

The field trip consists of a guided visit to the geothermal power plant located in the area of Larderello.

The aim of this activity is to directly get in touch with a geothermal power plant, in particular one situated in the Larderello geothermal field. The Larderello geothermal field is characterized by a vapor-dominated reservoir producing superheated steam, which began to be used for electricity production more than one century ago. 

Furthermore, after the visit we will stop at Vapori di Birra, which is a brewery in Sasso Pisano, to have lunch. Vapori di Birra is the first brewery in Italy that uses geothermal steam as primary source of energy.

Organization: Departure from Pisa with an autobus and arrival at Larderello - Geothermal power plant visit - Lunch at Vapori di Birra - Le Biancane natural park

Price: The field trip is free, except for the lunch (22 €)


Maximum participants: 50 people (priority will be given to presenters and PhD students)

Field trip registration will be open with the conference registration in September.

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(Near Sasso Pisano, view of a geothermal power plant)